My First Sourdough Loaves

sourdough whole

As I’ve said before, my kitchen is cold. My yeast is fresh, I buy it from a local co-op, but I never get the sort of rises recipes call from. I decided to invest in a sourdough starter, since it’s supposed to be hardier than commercial yeast.

I bought a Breadtopia Sourdough Starter – Live and commenced to feed it. I was worried I was going to kill it, since unlike cats, sourdough does not remind me to feed it. However, after several days of living next the vent of my oven and regular feedings, it was bubbly and alive. On Saturday morning, I made Spent Sourdough pancakes using my discards and fed up the starter. On Sunday, I baked.

I used The Kitchn’s Beginner’s Sourdough, exactly as written, with one exception. My stand mixer, a 5 year old Kitchen Aid that was used when I bought it, only kneads on low, so I did ten minutes on my first knead and 10 minutes for the second kneed, instead of the 12 minutes on medium.

Not only did the bread taste fantastic, it lasted for days. We ate the last of it with dinner on Wednesday (my friends couldn’t wait for the rolls) and it was still soft and fresh.

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